Svetlana was referred to us by our friends and I am so grateful that they introduced her to us. She is highly professional, she works in a very fast pace, always promptly responding to e-mails, phone calls or messages. She goes above and beyond to satisfy a customer, shopping for the best possible mortgage for a client. She listens to your needs and gives you a very practical advises. I would highly recommend her as a mortgage broker to anyone.


Trust. Effectiveness. Care.

These would be the three key qualities that, in my opinion, define Lana Grishanova.

Lana came referred to me by an old friend; one whose positive opinion is hard to achieve. With a referral such as his, I knew that Lana must have exceeded the highest of expectations.

When it came to my file, she did not disappoint. From our primary exploratory conversation, Lana took the time to explain everything about mortgages and the housing market in detail building a foundation of trust. She made sure I felt comfortable with the process and was transparent throughout.

As she began to work on the file, Lana was incredibly effective with responding to emails, calls and answer time-sensitive questions. I never had to worry about when I would hear back from my mortgage broker. I knew Lana was there and available from the most mundane to dire situations.

Over the eight-month search, and a few failed offers, Lana showcased her true essence of care, making sure I was discouraged or heartbroken when things did not turn out the right way. She knew how emotional this process was and she there to make sure that my well being was top priority.

Luckily, things have all turned out for the best, with my new condo closing on December 28th.

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her on my mortgage, so much so, I had already referred her to my sister and brother-in-law before I had even found a place. I look forward to sharing her contact information to anyone looking for a new place or a new mortgage.

Lana is fantastic at what she does and I wish her the best of success in her career

Brandon, Toronto

It was not our first time working with Lana, and definitely will not be our last. Most recently I contacted her in a panic when I almost missed the renewal date for my mortgage. Lana is such a good listener and was very patient with me. She was able to calm me down and reassure me that it would all work out. She worked diligently with me knowing I did not have much time.

I had a lot of questions and concerns and Lana was always a phone call away. I was always able to reach her and if she was in a meeting or tied up I would get a follow up text or email letting me know she would get back to me ASAP.

Both my sisters have also used Lana and we all agree that she is our go to girl! We will gladly recommend her to our friends and family.

Thanks again Lana.

Kendra Kelawan

 » As a first time home buyer, we didn’t know where to begin to buy a home. We needed a lot of guidance in this process.
At first, we went straight to our banks to get pre-approved for a mortgage and we weren’t satisfied with the offers and service.

We decided to look for other options, I contacted a good friend Mark Pniewski, real-estate agent from Re/Max which I highly recommend as well.
He introduced me to LANA! and that was the end of it! We were so glad that we met Lana! If you are looking for a mortgage agent! Do not look any further!
Her pleasant personality will make you feel like, the home buying process so much easy! She will help you from pre-approval until the end (closing) She did everything for our family to make sure were getting the best! I would recommend her to anyone who are looking for a mortgage agent! She’s great at what she does and I wish she can help more families and anyone looking for any mortgage needs.

Thank you so much from the Guihon family!

Guihon family

Here are my observation…that you had

  • established a comfort zone wit the client
  • demonstrated patience
  • a keen listener and showed attentiveness at all times
  • established clear communication skills either verbally or utilizing social media
  • showed expert knowledge of real estate and borrowing laws, policies and procedures
  • that you always used positive and reassuring language
  • that you were able to convince the client although situations tend to change sometimes for the worst
  • excellent time management skills in getting the job done
  • always composed and calm
  • very goal-oriented focus, eager to get the job done
  • able to think on your feet and create guidelines for yourself to defeat any opposing factors that will kill the deal
  • able to handle difficult situations and consult more experienced persons in the field
  • able to convince the client to accept alternative methods
  • putting every effort available for a positive outcome ..tenacity
  • working with the client to the very end to get it right and to get the deal for the cistomer
  • empathized and stood in the client’s shoes, understanding the pain, hurt and the anxiety.
  • analysed and listened to the client and learning from the client and acting on the client’s needs
  • offered a feeling of success to the client
  • able to establish a feeling of contentment with the client
  • client feels satisfied and is delighted to refer you to his/her peers, family etc


Rosy B, Toronto

I have made home purchases in the past, and held other mortgages, but this was the first time I dealt with a mortgage broker. Lana was a pleasure to deal with; she was very knowledgeable and thorough. Even after we secured a rate for our mortgage with her help, Lana kept monitoring the rates that our finance company was offering and actually got us a better rate with them before our purchase closed.
Her office wasn’t too convenient for me to reach during business hours (my hours were similar to hers), but Lana went out of her way to meet with us at my realtor’s office to sign all the necessary paperwork.
I’ve opted to appoint Lana as my agent in dealing with my finance company for any future concerns; this decision was easily made and was aided in no small part by her professionalism and attention to detail. Any family, friends and acquaintances that plan to purchase a home and need a mortgage, I would 100% recommend Lana to be their mortgage broker.
Thank you Lana for all your help!

Rob Drouin via Facebook

As a first time home buyers, my husband and I were unfamiliar with the entire process of purchasing a property which can be overwhelming to say the least. We have been very lucky to have Svetlana as our mortgage agent as she went above and beyond to help us to get what we wanted. She patiently and thoroughly explained us every step of the way and secured us the best rate that was available at the time. Svetlana is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She provided exceptional service and was always available to answer all our questions making sure we were comfortable with decisions we made.

Closing the deal on our purchase has almost fell through due to a mistake that has been done by our realtor. As emotions were flying high and we were ready to cancel the deal, Svetlana became our voice of reason and helped us to make decision based on the logic rather that emotion. We are very thankful to Svetlana for professional advice and guidance provided to us at that critical moment!

I have already recommended Svetlana to a family friend who recently purchased an apartment and was extremely satisfied with Svetlana’s work as well. We will definitely recommend Svetlana to our friends and family and return to her when our term is complete!

Svetlana, big thanks again!!!

Prascovia (Pasha) Calpac

We are very happy with the services Svetlana provided to us.
She arranged re-financing of our last three mortgages, negotiating on our behalf the best possible deal.
Svetlana is very attentive to the details and customer’s needs. She is always ready to provide an advice and clarify any questions and concerns.
She outlines all possible options available from different lenders, explaining pros and cons of each offering.
I am pretty sure that we will engage Svetlana for our next mortgage too.

Denis R, Toronto

« I have been a client of Sevetlana’s for over 5 years and can truly testify that she has been a very honest professional who worked with me in obtaining the best available mortgage rates. Aside from that, she won’t push you in one direction but help guide you towards your personal needs. I have recommended Lana to others who have also used her services. »


« I will recommend Lana to any of my friends and family who are in need of a Professional Grade Mortgage Agent.
I have no doubt she will treat them with as much respect and care as she treated me.
She worked diligently at any time of the day to answer any of my questions to the best of her ability (which was 5 out of 5).
Lana is highly educated. It shows when you meet with her. Her knowledge of her craft is evident as she goes through all paperwork confidently and answers all your questions.
You immediately see how much respect she has for your time and also for meeting deadlines.
Being new to buying real estate, there were many unknowns I had. Any time I asked Lana either by phone, text, or email, she answered promptly.
Even those times when I didn’t know a deadline was approaching (aka getting my insurance binder to my lawyer) she was there to remind me.
I simply can’t say enough about the incredible service Lana provided me. Her dedication to my satisfaction and the excitement she had for me made it feel like she was not just working for me but also a friend of mine.

Thanks again, Lana! »